Cross-Cultural Communication: International Communication

Proceedings of the
Mirny Regional Scientific-Practical Conference on Inter-Cultural Communication:
Issues of Politics, History, Language and Literature

Mirny Polytechnic Institute and Sakha (Yakutsk) State University
Mirny, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
27-28 April 2002

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Editor's Introduction

by S.A. Mousalimas
Oxford University

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The term "Sakha Republic" and the term "Yakutia" are near synonyms. They are used together in republic's official designation, the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

The "Sakha Republic" is a political entity. "Yakutia" indicates the territory. The republic celebrated its 80th anniversary as an autonomous political entity in 2002. The territory has been known as Yakutia in the Russian language for about 370 years now, since the joining of the terrority to Russia.

The terms "Sakha" and "Yakut" are synonyms. They refer to the predominant nation in the republic. Talented Sakha persons occupy principal positions in all of the republic's institutions. The word "Sakha" derives from their own language; it is an autonym. The synonym, "Yakut", is of Tungusic origin. It is used by the Tungus peoples, primarily the Evenk, to refer to the Sakha. The Tungusic word was assimilated into the Russian language during the early contact periods. Both of the words, the synonyms "Sakha" and "Yakut", will be found in these proceedings.

The three official languages of the republic are Russian, Sakha, and English.

In the conference title, the English language term "Inter-Cultural Communication" is a literal translation of the Russian language original, "Mezhkul'turnaya Kommunikatsiya". The term "Inter-Cultural Communication" is not so regular in English usage, however.

Some editorial liberty has therefore been taken in rendering this term as "Cross-Cultural Communication" for the publication title.

"International Communication" has been included into the publication title in order to retain and emphasize the sense of the original prefix, "mezh-", "inter-", while still maintaining a regular composite for English language readers. "International communication" should be understood here as a synomyn or a near synonym for "cross-cultural communication".

"International communication" would be "mezhnatsional'nya kommunikatsiya" in the Russian language. The root word "nation", "natsiya" relates to nationality, natsional'nost'. These words can refer internal nations, or ethnic groups, within the republic and the federation. Hence, the conference titles applies to communication among the internal nations, or ethnic groups. It also applies to communication with outside nations around the globe.

Communication between the nationalities of the Sahka Republic who inhabit the terrority of Yakutia are a primary concern in a number of the reports in these proceedings. Communication between the various nationalities of the Russian Federation is also a concern in some of these reports, indeed as they reflect the creative tensions between the autonomy of the republic on the one hand and the consolidation of the federation on the other hand. Some further reports explore and address issues of the republic with nations across the globe.

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