Cross-Cultural Communication: International Communication

Proceedings of the
Mirny Regional Scientific-Practical Conference on Inter-Cultural Communication:
Issues of Politics, History, Language and Literature

Mirny Polytechnic Institute and Sakha (Yakutsk) State University
Mirny, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
27-28 April 2002

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Inter-Disciplinary Training for Inter-Cultural Communication

by O.I. Okhlopkova
Sakha (Yakutsk) State University

The conditions for cross-cultural communication and dialogue between cultures require new standards for the professional preparation of a specialist as an artistic and self-complete personality, able to maintain social relations with representatives of a different culture.

In the experimental work conducted by the Department of Journalism of the Philological Faculty in the Sakha (Yakutsk) State University, special attention is paid to the formation of professional competence through studies of alien societies and cultures. Thus, students of the fourth year course of the Department of Journalism are offered the option of a special module in which they write course-papers on different topics in the English language: elections, politics, military conflicts, sports, medicine. The internet can serve as a source of study materials.

The students of journalism who take this option are already at a quite high level of competence in the English language. The aim of their course-papers is to form and develop their cross-cultural communicative competence, so that they may carry out their professional activities in an "integrated informational space". This dominant aim subordinates all other practical goals.

Individual critical thinking, as well as the skills of self-motivated self-education, are promoted in the students during their search for the information and during their further processing of such information. The students select material from various sites for the representation of different points of view, particularly with regard to the urgent issues of modern life.

Becoming involved intellectually in current issues, the young person becomes involved emotionally in the fate of the Motherland and in fate of world community. This develops a sense of the responsibility, a sense of being a patriot of the country and a citizen of the world. This is a very important aspect in the moral upbringing of a future journalist.

While preparing the texts of these course-papers, the students can work with standard programs as well as professional applied programs. The students can find and insert photos, pictures, graphics, logotypes, from various sources and publications.

It has been suggested that, in the future, we should elaborate some lexical and grammatical exercises for each type of informational unit. We may also use the "Real Audio" streams from the leading informational agencies, such as "VOA", "BBC" and "CNN", in order to maintain and increase the students' skills of listening comprehension during the processing of the informational units. In effect, it has been suggested that we should compile a multimedia study-manual within the framework of distant education, which would be a constituent part of the cross-disciplinary approach to the teaching of a foreign language.

The inter-disciplinary approach to the teaching of foreign languages is becoming ever more real nowadays. The cultural contents of a foreign language are reflected in the peculiarities of the language. So, we seek to recreate the worldview inherent in the language for the process of cross-cultural communication. This must be inter-disciplinary as it is beyond the scope of any one scientific discipline. Such an inter-disciplinary, integrative course of learning a foreign language is seen as a favorable context for the establishment of cross-cultural competence.

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