Proceedings of the

First Seoul International Consultation:
Christianity and Shamanism

The first international consultation ever convened to consider the relationships between Christianity and shamanism.

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Background of the Consultation

by the Editor

Significance of the Consultation

by the Editor

Chapter 1
Traditional Korean Customs and Rites, and their Acceptance from a Christian Point of View

by His Grace Soterios the Bishop of Zelon

Chapter 2
Korean Shamanism Mu )

by Prof. Dr. Cha Ok Soong

Chapter 3
Relationships between Orthodoxy and Shamanism in Korea

by Dr. S.A. Mousalimas

Chapter 4
Orthodox Christianity in the History of Russia

by Dr. Egor Spiridonovich Shishigin

Chapter 5
Christianity and Shamanism in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

by Dr. Klavdia Ivanovna Fedorova

Chapter 6
Do We Want the Revival of Shamanism Today?

by Anna Nikolaevna Shishigina

Chapter 7
A Temptation in the Concept of Dual-Belief

by Dr. V.V. Arzhanukhin

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